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WiSocial - The first hardware connected, marketing automation tool for the real world.

connect, engage, rewards

interaction marketing platform

Are you an Hotel or restaurant? Marketing gets real!

wiSocial is the first marketing platform that allows you to connect, engage and reward your customers, on-line and off-line.

engage new customers and manage them making communication with each channel. Increase sales by creating one-to-one relationships with your customers away from their requests and suggestions, segmenting them with the business intelligence engine based on their behaviors.

Wisocial is the first platform of "Marketing Interaction": an integrated, intelligence and accelerated promotion of your on-line and off-line.


wiSocial is a platform that is designed the performance of all your communication channels on-line and off-line.


in order to know your customers, interact with them and create custom promotion never seen before.


increases the quality of your offer, products and services, create surveys and collect valuable feedback directly from your customers.


rewards your best customers the most influential. WiSocial analyze their behaviors suggesting to actions and activities targeted.


wiSocial creates a daily workflow, multi-channel management and make on the automatic contacts.


wiSocial push the new revolution in customer interaction by integrating all your hardware devices into a single platform along with your property online as a website and social

focus on tourism & travel industry

thanks to its functionality, WiSocial is the first integrated platform to manage your customers, before, during and after the purchase of an experience in the hospitality market.

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the first hardware connected, marketing automation tool for the real world.

wiSocial intelligent software offers a solution for connecting businesses to their customers through objects, products and devices: an integrated, comprehensive and results-oriented in your facility.

moreover, the integration comes from your ERP, from your WiFi router, from your website, giving a comprehensive and integrated view of your contacts in one database.

the relationship with your customers is critical

wisocial creates and maintains channels of interaction with your customers, allowing you to increase revenue through upselling custom activity in real time.

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Complete your professional services. WiSocial will be full of unique and flexible conditions.

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